Interiors Education Futures: A Collection of Contemporary Insights

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Interior spaces play a huge part in our everyday experiences. They help us rest, they provide facilities for cleaning us, they help transport us from one place to another in safety and comfort and they help us relax. The designed interiors of university libraries, restaurants, factories, cafes, airplanes, trains, automobiles and nightclubs therefore significantly contribute to making us all feel warmer, better, brighter, faster and happier.

Interiors Education Futures contains 16 intriguing and stimulating papers on the subject of interior design / architecture education. The collection of papers contained within this edited book deal with a wide range of interior design education-related subjects including storytelling, practice-led design projects, post-optimal design, the phenomenology of retail design spaces, physical computing technologies in interior architecture and design for branded environments, amongst others.

The book includes a set of rich and varied debates surrounding the future of interior design education, practice and research that were held during the inaugural Interior Educators Conference at the School of Design, Northumbria University in March 2011. As such this book will form the basis of future developments in interior education, practice and research in the years ahead.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationFaringdon, Oxfordshire
Number of pages208
Publication statusPublished - 30 Apr 2012


  • interior design
  • education


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