Intelligent business decisions by EFLOW portal

Zoltán Baracskai, Viktor Dörfler

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Bigger and faster changes in business knowledge are expected. Decision maker needs knowledge (hard data and soft information) of various expertises available at deep levels of organizational hierarchy. Experts are forced to life-long learning. It is of crucial importance to use the freshest knowledge but it is even more important to avoid the false knowledge. The keystones of internet-base knowledge increase are the personalization, the freshness and to answer the question “who to learn from”. Freshness is provided by the Internet but the other two are to be handled. The eFLOW Intelligent Portal is continuously personalized, provides space for knowledge creation, enables data mining. Its portlets have multiple interconnections and they are also connected to organiza-tional databases to get hard data and to knowledge bases to get soft information. Doctus knowledge-based expert system shell embodies the built-in artificial intelligence.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 10 Sep 2002
EventIIWAS 2002 - Bandung, Indonesia.
Duration: 10 Sep 200212 Sep 2002


ConferenceIIWAS 2002
CityBandung, Indonesia.


  • business decisions
  • intelligent portal
  • data mining
  • knowledge-based expert system
  • machine learning

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    Baracskai, Z., & Dörfler, V. (2002). Intelligent business decisions by EFLOW portal. 218-224. Paper presented at IIWAS 2002, Bandung, Indonesia., .