Instability of plasma waves caused by incoherent photons in dense plasmas

P. K. Shukla, L. Stenflo, R. Bingham

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We consider the nonlinear instability of modified Langmuir and ion-sound waves caused by partially coherent photons in dense quantum plasmas. In our model, the dynamics of the photons is governed by a wave kinetic equation. The evolution equations for the Langmuir and ion-sound waves are deduced from the quantum hydrodynamic equations accounting for the incoherent photon pressure, the quantum statistical electron pressure, and the quantum Bohm force acting on the degenerate electrons. The governing equations are Fourier analyzed to obtain nonlinear dispersion relations. The latter are analyzed to predict instability of the modified Langmuir and ion-sound waves in the presence of partially coherent photons. Possible applications of our investigation to the next generation of intense laser-solid dense plasma experiments and compact dense astrophysical bodies are mentioned.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)845-851
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Plasma Physics
Issue number6 special issue SI
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2010


  • instability
  • dense plasmas
  • incoherent photons
  • plasma waves

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