Influence of the canal width and depth on the resistance of 750 DWT Perintis ship using CFD simulation

Eko Sasmito Hadi, Tuswan Tuswan, Ghina Azizah, Baharuddin Ali, Samuel Samuel, Muhammad Luqman Hakim, Muhammad Raaflie Caesar Putra Hadi, Muhammad Iqbal, Dian Purnama Sari, Dendy Satrio

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Investigation of hydrodynamic interaction between the vessel and the seabed when entering shallow water is considered one of the most critical considerations of inland waterway transport. There are many investigations into the behavior of ships in restricted waters, such as ships traveling in different forms of canal cross-sections. The present study aims to evaluate the hydrodynamic interaction of the 750 DWT Perintis Ship moving through the different canal types to determine the relative effects of limiting the width and depth cross section on the ship's resistance. Two different canals with different cross sections, including canal bank and rectangular canal, were evaluated to investigate the influence of canal width (Wb), depth ratio (hw/T), and blockage ratio function (As/Ac). The Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) method with Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes (RANS) solver and turbulent model k−∈ were used to predict the total resistance of the ship. The proposed numerical simulation was initially validated with an experimental towing tank test in the error range of 0.11-7.74%. The results indicated similar phenomena were found both in rectangular and canal banks. The case with a shallower (lower hw/T) and a narrower (lower Bc/Bs) canal dimension has a higher resistance value. Backflow and subsidence of free surface became significant around the ship's hull in more restricted water, changing the ship's hydrodynamic characteristics and increasing resistance. It can be found that the higher the blockage ratio (mb), the higher the total resistance value in both canal types, which proved that ships with higher speeds were more sensitive to changes in waterway restrictions.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)117-144
Number of pages28
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 3 Feb 2023


  • 750 DWT Perintis
  • canal
  • restricted waters
  • ship resistance


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