Indoor FDD multi-operator deployment

L. Gatzoulis, G. Povey, I. Band, D. Wilson

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


The performance of UTRA-FDD was assessed under multi-operator deployments in an indoor office environment. A modified version of the proposed 3GPP picocell scenario was used, with two deployed operators, each having 5 base stations (BS). Two different deployments were investigated: one where the BSs of the different operators were colocated and another where they were not colocated. User terminals (UEs) were uniformly distributed within the office environment. Most terminals generated 12.2 kbps traffic, but a considerable proportion generated 64 kbps, 144 kbps and 384 kbps traffic. Monte-Carlo type simulations were run to collect performance related data. Results from a single operator (Operator A) deployment were used as baseline for comparison purposes. Analysis of the simulation results showed that, on the uplink, there was virtually no significant difference between the two alternative deployments as regards the performance of Operator A. On the downlink, colocated deployment had no significant impact on Operator A, while non colocated deployment compromised the downlink capacity and the coverage of Operator A in the vicinity of Operator B base stations. In addition, Operator B suffered from reduced performance on both uplink and downlink when not colocated with Operator A, due to non ideal positions of its own base stations.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2003
EventInternational Conference on 3G Mobile Communication Technologies 2003 - , United Kingdom
Duration: 25 Jun 200327 Jun 2003


ConferenceInternational Conference on 3G Mobile Communication Technologies 2003
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom


  • indoor
  • fdd
  • multi-operator
  • deployment
  • 3G
  • telecommunication network planning
  • radio access networks
  • picocellular radio
  • indoor radio
  • frequency division multiplexing
  • mobile communication


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