High-power medium-voltage three-phase ac-dc buck-boost converter for wind energy conversion systems

Fahad Alsokhiry, Ibrahim Abdelsalam, Grain Philip Adam, Yusuf Al-Turki

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This paper proposes three topologies of single-stage three-phase ac-dc buck-boost converters suitable for medium-voltage and high-power wind energy conversion systems (WECS). The proposed converters draw sinusoidal input currents with nearly unity power factor from wind generators over wide range of ac voltages and frequencies. The proposed converters reduce the voltage and current stresses on the self-commutated switching device compared to existing solutions; thus, promising for new generation of relatively cheap WECSs. The proposed converters operate in Discontinuous Condition Mode (DCM), with their ac terminals connected to three-phase generator with open ended windings, or to ac supply using three single-phase transformers with isolated windings at converter side. The validity of the proposed converters and its detailed theoretical analysis and discussions are confirmed using PSCAD/EMTDC simulations, and further corroborated by experimentations, considering different operating conditions.
Original languageEnglish
Article number106012
Number of pages14
JournalElectric Power Systems Research
Early online date26 Aug 2019
Publication statusPublished - 31 Dec 2019


  • wind energy conversion system
  • current source converters
  • switched mode power supplies
  • power electronics


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