Gyrotorque transmission system for wind turbines

P. Jamieson, M. Jegatheeson, W.E. Leithead

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The GyroTorqueTM transmission system employs gyroscopic torque reaction to transmit power offering an alternative to the gearbox and electrical variable speed drive of a conventional wind turbine. The power transmission is
fundamentally oscillatory and is rectified by mechanical elements. A precessing gyro maps speed to torque and, since the wind turbine rotor inertia strongly filters rotor speed variation, output power is insensitive to wind turbulence because it reflects wind turbine rotor speed variability rather than rotor
torque variability. The GyroTorqueTM system has only bearing losses and potentially a high efficiency. Mechanical control of the input to the GyroTorqueTM system enables wide range variable speed operation of the wind turbine rotor using a conventional synchronous generator. At present, a 6 gyro system driven by an axial cam and connected to a conventional synchronous generator is the preferred system. Loads and power quality have been addressed with computer simulation models of the GyroTorqueTM system. Outline assessment of system mass and cost gives encouragement that it may be less than for conventional transmission systems.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2004
EventImprovements in Drive Train Related Technology - , United Kingdom
Duration: 29 Mar 2004 → …


ConferenceImprovements in Drive Train Related Technology
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
Period29/03/04 → …


  • turbulence insensitivity
  • Gyrotorque
  • transmission system
  • wind turbine
  • power quality
  • synchronous generator


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