Generic compression of Off-The-Air Radio Frequency signals with grouped-bin FFT quantisation

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This paper studies the capabilities of a proposed lossy, grouped-bin FFT quantisation compression method for targeting Off-The-Air (OTA) Radio Frequency (RF) signals. The bins within a 512-point Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) are split into groups of adjacent bins, and these groups are each quantised separately. Additional compression can be achieved by setting groups which are not deemed to contain significant information to zero, based on a pre-defined minimum magnitude threshold. In this paper, we propose two alternative methods for quantising the remaining groups. The first of these, Grouped-bin FFT Threshold Quantisation (GFTQ), involves allocating quantisation wordlengths based on several pre-defined magnitude thresholds. The second, Grouped-bin FFT Error Quantisation (GFEQ), involves incrementing the quantisation wordlength for each group until the calculated quantisation error falls below a minimum error threshold. Both algorithms were tested for a variety of signal types, including Digital Private Mobile Radio 446 MHz (dPMR446), which was considered as a case study. While GFTQ allowed for higher Compression Ratios (CR), the compression process resulted in added quantisation noise. The GFEQ algorithm achieved lower CRs, but also lower noise levels across all test signals.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages5
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 18 Jan 2021
Event28th European Signal Processing Conference - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duration: 18 Jan 202122 Jan 2021


Conference28th European Signal Processing Conference
Abbreviated titleEUSIPCO2020


  • radio
  • compression
  • generic
  • RF


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