Generation of stable, low-divergence electron beams by laser-wakefield acceleration in a steady-state-flow gas cell

J. Osterhoff, A. Popp, Zs. Major, B. Marx, T. P. Rowlands-Rees, M. Fuchs, M. Geissler, R. Hoerlein, B. Hidding, S. Becker, E. A. Peralta, U. Schramm, F. Gruener, D. Habs, F. Krausz, S. M. Hooker, S. Karsch

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Laser-driven, quasimonoenergetic electron beams of up to similar to 200 MeV in energy have been observed from steady-state-flow gas cells. These beams emitted within a low-divergence cone of 2.1 +/- 0.5 mrad FWHM display unprecedented shot-to-shot stability in energy (2.5% rms), pointing (1.4 mrad rms), and charge (16% rms) owing to a highly reproducible gas-density profile within the interaction volume. Laser-wakefield acceleration in gas cells of this type provides a simple and reliable source of relativistic electrons suitable for applications such as the production of extreme-ultraviolet undulator radiation.

Original languageEnglish
Article number085002
Number of pages4
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number8
Early online date21 Aug 2008
Publication statusPublished - 2008


  • pulses
  • stable
  • low-divergence
  • electron beams
  • laser-wakefield acceleration
  • steady-state-flow gas cell

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