GaInNAs semiconductor disk lasers as pump sources for Tm3+ (,Ho3+ )-doped glass, crystal and fibre lasers

S.L. Vetter, L. McKnight, S. Calvez, M.D. Dawson, F. Fusari, A.A. Lagatsky, W. Sibbett, C.T.A. Brown

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We report the first use of a Semiconductor Disk Laser (SDL) as a pump source for ~2μm-emitting Tm3+ (,Ho3+)-doped dielectric lasers. The ~1213nm GaInNAs/GaAs SDL produces >1W of CW output power, a maximum power transfer net slope efficiency of 18.5%, and a full width half maximum wavelength tuning range of ~24nm. Free-running operation of a Tm3+-doped tellurite glass laser under 1213nm SDL pumping generated up to 60mW output power with 22.4% slope efficiency. Wavelength tunable output is also obtained from 1845 to 2043nm. Improved performance with output powers of ~200mW and a slope efficiency of ~35% are achieved by replacing the Tm3+-doped glass with a Tm3+-doped KYW active medium. Emission of a Tm3+,Ho3+-codoped tellurite glass laser is also reported with maximum output power of ~12mW and a ~7% slope efficiency. Finally, preliminary investigations of 1213nm-pumping of a Tm3+,Ho3+-codoped silica fibre laser lead to 36mW output power with ~19.3% slope efficiency.
Original languageEnglish
JournalProceedings of SPIE the International Society for Optical Engineering
Issue number719317
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2009


  • solid state lasers
  • dielectric materials
  • glass
  • silica
  • codoping
  • tellurites
  • holmium additions
  • III-V semiconductors
  • doped materials
  • optical fibers
  • output power
  • fiber lasers
  • semiconductor lasers
  • laser pumping

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