Evaluation of Community Jobs Scotland Phase 3 and Phase 4 Care Leaver and Young People with Convictions Pilots: Final Report

Alexander McTier, Lynne Macdougall, Alan McGregor

Research output: Working paper


The [Community Jobs Scotland] CJS programme, now entering its fifth year, continues to be well received by the young people securing the CJS jobs and the third sector organisations who host the CJS jobs. Critically it is also achieving strong outcomes for the young people that CJS supports, the vast majority of whom are short-term unemployed prior to entry to the work programme. Sixty-five per cent of the CJS Phase 3 employees achieved a positive outcome 13 weeks after their CJS contracts. While well-established in terms of its design, delivery and management, partners are keen to apply and test the CJS programme with different groups, thereby responding to where there are identified areas of need. In Phase 2, the CJS programme was adapted for young people with poor health or a disability, and these 18 month opportunities continue. In Phase 4, fully fledged CJS pilots were delivered for young people with convictions and care leavers. The outcomes for these groups are not as strong as the 'core' CJS client group but this is to be expected given the barriers to employment the vulnerable groups face and it is hoped that the lessons learned from the pilots can enhance the outcome rates in Phase 5.

In particular there would appear to be a need to increase the wider support package for the young people and the employers so that the outcome rates for these vulnerable groups increase. Indeed, the changes to the CJS model that will be implemented in Phase 5 should further enhance performance. Based on the feedback from partners, the options to pay the Living Wage for CJS employees if requested by CJS employers and to extend the CJS jobs for vulnerable groups to 12 months, will provide CJS employees with a more meaningful period of work and build their aspirations on the level of pay they want to achieve in the future. The protocol between [Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations] SCVO and [Scottish Local Authorities Economic Development Group] SLAED, if committed to by both sides, should also enhance the support provided to the CJS employees when their CJS contracts end.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationEdinburgh
Number of pages69
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2015


  • youth program
  • unemployment
  • evaluation


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