Effects of silane coating on the properties of glass fibre and glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin

S.P. Reilly, J.L. Thomason

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Single fibre tensile testing and microbond testing have been used to benchmark the influence of silane coupling agents on the performance of glass fibre for reinforced epoxy resin composites. Retention of fibre strength and optimisation of the fibre-matrix interphase in such composites is critical for improving performance for the longer term reliability of that performance. This poster will focus on a key component in the formation of that interphase, the fibre surface sizing and in particular on the critical role of the silane used in these sizings. It is thought that these coupling agents can directly control the stress transfer capability of the interphase and also play a defining role in the long term performance of composites- through their influence on adhesion and fibre strength. Glass fibre samples were coated with single and blended silanes and these fibres were characterised by single fibre testing for strength and modulus. The effect on interfacial strength in epoxy resin has been measured using the microbond test. The results of the single fibre tensile testing demonstrated that the fibre strength improves with single silane application and that applying a blend of silanes has a synergistic result. The adhesion results from the microbond tests will also be discussed.
Original languageEnglish
PagesPaper 009
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 7 Jun 2010
Event14th European Conference on Composite Materials, ECCM14 - Budapest, Hungary
Duration: 7 Jun 201010 Jun 2010


Conference14th European Conference on Composite Materials, ECCM14
CityBudapest, Hungary


  • silane coating
  • glass fibre
  • epoxy resin


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