Effects of adjuvant, dose and carrier pre-sensitisation on the immunisation efficacy of a GnRH analogue

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A GnRH-neutralising vaccine, with potential applications in the treatment of human sex hormone-dependent disorders, was developed by conjugating GnRH-glycys to tetanus toxoid. An evaluation of adjuvant, dose and carrier pre-sensitisation was made. Male rats immunised with the conjugate, adsorbed onto alum, showed higher anti-GnRH antibody levels and suppressed testosterone concentrations, compared with animals immunised without adjuvant. Conjugate administration in a four injection regime proved to be the most effective in disrupting fertility, as assessed by the degree of lowered testosterone levels and gonadal atrophy. Pre-sensitisation with tetanus toxoid had an initial marked effect on immunisation, observed following 2 drug doses; the pre-sensitised animals showed a lower antibody response to the conjugate than did the non-primed animals. However, as the number of drug doses increased to 4, there was no significant difference between the primed and non-primed animals.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)179-195
Number of pages17
JournalDrug Design and Discovery
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 31 Dec 1996


  • adjuvants
  • contraceptive agent
  • gonadorelin derivative
  • testosterone
  • tetanus toxoid
  • vaccine

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