Education, Lockdown, and Becoming Human

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These are strange times for education. With astonishing speed students and teachers had to adapt to the fact that our educational systems were to be switched off or radically altered for months—in some cases years—as we were locked down. Technology came to the rescue, of course. We discovered we might never have to leave the house again, and some of us secretly delighted in this novel reclusion. But then we were expected to resume. And like an old, rather unreliable engine, starting up again has not been straightforward. The engine still just about runs, but it seems that our direction is unclear: where exactly are we going, again? And why?
Original languageEnglish
TypeHouston Centre for Humanity and the Common Good
Media of outputBlog Post
Place of PublicationCanada
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2022


  • lockdown
  • educating
  • faith


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