Education and Sexualities

Peter Aggleton (Editor), Kerry Robinson (Editor), Kath Albury (Editor), Louisa Allen (Editor), Cristyn Davies (Editor), Suzanne Dyson (Editor), Roger Ingham (Editor), Sharon Lamb (Editor), Daniel Marshall (Editor), Claire Maxwell (Editor), Alan McKee (Editor), Mary-Lou Rasmussen (Editor), Ian Rivers (Editor)

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Both from the point of view of the experiences of different groups of students, and also with respect to the form that education about sexuality, sex, and relationships should take, education and sexuality raises complex questions and provokes heated―sometimes furious―debate. This four-volume collection offers an authoritative overview of key issues within this rapidly developing field. Under the editorship of Peter Aggleton (editor-in-chief of the international journal, Sex Education), the collection covers a wide range of contemporary issues and concerns, including: the sexualities curriculum; ‘politics and pleasure’; classroom processes and dynamics; sexual and gender diversity in the classroom; gender and sexual violence in schools and colleges; and bullying, victimization and abuse. Special attention is also given to enduring topics, such as the content and context of sexualtiy education; the age at which it should take place; faith and religion; politics and political controversies; and the science and ethics of sexualities education.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLondon
Number of pages1538
Publication statusPublished - 4 Aug 2016

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NameMajor Themes in Education


  • sex education
  • gender
  • sexualities education


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