Economic aspects of intelligent network selection: a game-theoretic approach

Jakub Wojciech Konka, Robert Atkinson, James Irvine

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The Digital Marketplace is a market-based framework where network operators offer communications services with competition at the call level. It strives to address a tussle between the actors involved in a heterogeneous wireless access network. However, as with any market-like institution, it is vital to analyse the Digital Marketplace from the strategic perspective to ensure that all shortcomings are removed prior to implementation. This paper presents some preliminary results of such an analysis.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationUBICOMM 2011: The Fifth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies
Place of PublicationLisbon
Number of pages7
ISBN (Electronic)978-1-61208-171-7
Publication statusPublished - 20 Nov 2011


  • digital marketplace
  • wireless access network
  • intelligent network selection


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