Dynamical influence driven space system design

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The problem
Emerging small-satellite constellations present as complex data transfer networks, due to the varying contact patterns between spacecraft, data sources (targets) and data sinks (ground stations). The data transfer network is therefore always evolving, requiring an evolving selection of ground stations that depend on spacecraft coverage of identified targets.

The solution
By modelling a constellation for a set period of time, a data transfer network can be created to guide space system designers. We highlight high-level insights from such a network by identifying communities of dynamical influence. We also propose consensus leadership as a method of sink node (ground station) selection for trading-off between high data flow and source node (target) coverage. This work is acting as the basis for a full space system design tool currently under development.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 30 Nov 2021
EventComplex Networks 2021: The 10th International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications - Madrid, Spain
Duration: 30 Nov 20212 Dec 2021


ConferenceComplex Networks 2021


  • complex networks
  • low earth orbit
  • satellites
  • spacecraft
  • data transfer
  • space systems


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