Drug solid solutions - a method for tuning phase transformations

Amit Delori, Pauline Maclure, Rajni M. Bhardwaj, Andrea Johnston, Alastair J. Florence, Oliver B. Sutcliffe, Iain D. H. Oswald

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This paper describes a methodology for the modification of phase transition temperatures using (+/-)-4 `-methylmethcathinone solid solutions as an exemplar. This method serves to show that by varying the composition of the halide ion one can systematically alter the temperatures at which phase transitions can occur in order to evade the possibility of interconversion between polymorphs during processing or storage of materials.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)5827-5831
Number of pages5
Issue number26
Early online date3 Mar 2014
Publication statusPublished - 14 Jul 2014


  • phase transition temperatures
  • drug solid solutions
  • phase transformations


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