Direct die shape compensation for forging of Ni-based aerofoil blades

H. Ou, J Lan, C. G. armstrong, S. J. Walloe, M. J. Ward

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This paper presents an approach of direct die shape compensation implemented in a forging optimization system in order to achieve net-shape forging production for aeroengine blade components. This approach is based on the modification of die shape in relation to the dimensional errors of forged aerofoil shape due to the die and press deflections during forging and the thermal distortion upon cooling. In hot forging of a Ni-based alloy, the forging errors due to die elastic deformation, thermal distortion and press elasticity were quantified and further minimized by up to 95% of the original errors prior to the die shape compensation
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 9 Jul 2004
EventAIP Conference procedings -
Duration: 14 Apr 2004 → …
http://AIP Conference Proceedings 712, 382 (2004);


ConferenceAIP Conference procedings
Period14/04/04 → …
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  • aerofoil blades
  • direct die shape compensation


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