Digital Diabetes IDDEAS and GDS

Gemma Teal, Tine Thorup, Jen Baillie, Michael Johnson, George Crooks (Editor), Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI)

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The IDDEAS and GDS projects seek to develop innovative new resources for My Diabetes My Way* (MDMW) to support people living with diabetes to gain insight from health and lifestyle data to improve self-management. The IDDEAS and GDS projects were proposed by the Clinical and Technical Leads from the MDMW team, both based at the University of Dundee. The projects were accepted by the Digital Health & Care Institute as part of an integrated ‘Digital Diabetes’ programme of seven projects seeking to develop digital resources to support selfmanagement. The IDDEAS project aims to enable communication and data transfer between NHS Scotland diabetes platforms (MDMW and SCI-Diabetes) and third party and commercial products. This would give patients choice in terms of the application(s) they use to meet their needs. The GDS project aims to develop automated algorithms to analyse data obtained from home blood glucose monitoring and trigger automated clinical decision alerts and feedback for healthcare professionals and patients (via SMS) based on patterns in glucose readings. The technical aspects of the IDDEAS and GDS projects are being developed within DHI Factory projects. The Experience Lab Team were tasked with working with the intended end users to understand how they would like to collect, share, see and use their health and lifestyle data within MDMW, and understand the acceptability of the proposed innovations and how they could best support self-management. Experience Lab activity for these projects began with Pre-Labs in late 2015, and developed through General Labs in 2016, culminating in a dedicated Niche Lab in early 2017.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages2
Place of PublicationGlasgow
Publication statusPublished - 21 Jun 2018


  • diabetes
  • young people
  • self-management
  • co-design
  • digital
  • experience labs
  • DHI
  • lifestyle data
  • data transfer


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