'Did COVID-19 exist before the scientists?' Towards curriculum theory now

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We live in an era that normalized absurdism and abnormality. From successive devastating economic and environmental havoc, the world is now before a pandemic with a lethal footprint throughout the planet. The pandemonium became global. This paper situates the current COVID-19 pandemic within the context of an endless multi-plethora of devastating sagas pushing humanity into an unimaginable great regression. In doing so, the paper examines, how such pandemic reflects the very colors of an intentional epistemological blindness that frames Eurocentric reasoning, which crippled the political economy of global capitalism deepening and accelerating a never-ending and non-stop crisis that started in 2008. The paper explores also the social construction of the current pandemic and argues for alternatives ways to think and to do education and curriculum theory alternatively to challenge Modern Western Eurocentric reasoning. In doing so, advances itinerant curriculum theory as a just approach, a just alter-curriculum ‘theory now’, one that respects the world’s pluri-epistemological diversity, and aims to walk way from utopias framed within the borders determined by coloniality towards an anti-decolonial climax, and ‘heretopia’.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)158-169
Number of pages12
JournalEducational Philosophy and Theory
Issue number2
Early online date28 Mar 2021
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2022


  • anti-colonial
  • COVID-19
  • de-colonialism
  • educational theory
  • eurocentrism
  • itinerant curriculum theory


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