Determination of horizon size in state-based peridynamics

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Peridynamics is based on integro-differential equations and has a length scale parameter called horizon which gives peridynamics a non-local character. Currently, there are three main peridynamic formulations available in the literature including bond-based peridynamics, ordinary state-based peridynamics and non-ordinary state-based peridynamics. In this study, the optimum horizon size is determined for ordinary state-based peridynamics and non-ordinary state-based peridynamics formulations by using uniform and non-uniform discretisation under dynamic and static conditions. It is shown that the horizon sizes selected as optimum sizes for uniform discretisation can also be used for non-uniform discretisation without introducing significant error to the system. Moreover, a smaller horizon size can be selected for non-ordinary state-based formulation which can yield significant computational advantage. It is also shown that same horizon size can be used for both static and dynamic problems.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages24
JournalContinuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics
Early online date16 Jun 2020
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 16 Jun 2020


  • peridynamics
  • horizon
  • ordinary state based peridynamics


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