Deep three-dimensional solid-state qubit arrays with long-lived spin coherence

C. J. Stephen, B. L. Green, Y. N. D. Lekhai, L. Weng, P. Hill, S. Johnson, A. C. Frangeskou, P. L. Diggle, Y.-C. Chen, M. J. Strain, E. Gu, M. E. Newton, J. M. Smith, P. S. Salter, G. W. Morley

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Nitrogen-vacancy centers (NVCs) in diamond show promise for quantum computing, communication, and sensing. However, the best current method for entangling two NVCs requires that each one is in a separate cryostat, which is not scalable. We show that single NVCs can be laser written 6–15-µm deep inside of a diamond with spin coherence times that are an order of magnitude longer than previous laser-written NVCs and at least as long as naturally occurring NVCs. This depth is suitable for integration with solid immersion lenses or optical cavities and we present depth-dependent T2 measurements. 200 000 of these NVCs would fit into one diamond.
Original languageEnglish
Article number064005
Number of pages13
JournalPhysical Review Applied
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 3 Dec 2019


  • qbit arrays
  • quantum computing
  • diamond


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