DC Networks on the Distribution Level – New Trend or Vision?

Ahmad Makkieh, Graeme Burt, Rafael Pena Alzola, Gerhard Jambrich, Nina Fuchs, Ali Kazerooni, Arnaud Allais, Christophe Preve, Elvisa Bećirović, James Yu, Jan Vočko, Jing Dai, Jintae Cho, Juyong Kim, Klaus-Dieter Haim, Kévin Lorenzo, Mahmoud-Reza Haghifam, Maximilian Rose, Md Masoom Chowdhury, Michael BartonekNeil Murdoch, Raul Montano, Raul Rabinovici, Rene Braunstein, Ritwik Majumder, Stephan Rupp, Uwe Schichler, Vasileios Kleftakis, Ye-yuan Xie, Youssef Kamelia, Zhengyu Lin

Research output: Book/ReportOther report

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"DC networks on Distribution Level – are they a new trend or a Vision?" That is the question that has focused the efforts of the Working Group the last two years, and whose consideration is summarized in this report. This report represents the first phase evaluation of this topic and is focused primarily on medium (MVDC) and low voltage (LVDC) level applications.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLiège, Belgium
Number of pages113
Publication statusPublished - 20 Sept 2021

Publication series

NameDC Distribution Networks
ISSN (Print)2684-1088


  • DC networks
  • electricity distribution networks
  • electricity distribution systems
  • power grids
  • Dc grids


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