Cytenamide trifluoroacetic acid solvate

Andrea Johnston, Alastair J. Florence, Francesca J. A. Fabianni, Kenneth Shankland, Colin T. Bedford, Julie Bardin

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Cytenamide forms a 1:1 solvate with trifluoroacetic acid (systematic name: 5H-dibenzo[a,d]cycloheptatriene-5-carboxamide trifluoroacetic acid solvate), C16H13NO·C2HF3O2. The compound crystallizes with one molecule of cytenamide and one of trifluoroacetic acid in the asymmetric unit; these are linked by O-HO and N-HO hydrogen bonds to form an R22(8) motif. The trifluoromethyl group of the solvent molecule displays rotational disorder over two sites, with site-occupancy factors of 0.964 (4) and 0.036 (4).
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1215-1216
Number of pages2
JournalActa Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2008


  • parallel crystallization
  • packing motifs
  • carbamazepine
  • patterns
  • 10
  • 11-dihydrocarbamazepine


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