Creating better educational and employment opportunities for rural young people

A. Black, P. Kenyon, D. Lheude, H. Sercombe

Research output: Working paperOther working paper


This report addresses the education and employment environment for young people in rural and remote Australia. It surveys the literature on rural economic and education issues and overviews a range of government and other inquiries into the state of affairs in "the bush". It reports on a series of consultations across Australia about the issues facing young women and men in country areas. It incorporates a selection of case studies of rural towns, which have realised that their future is dependent on the future of their young people. It identifies where the potential for growth lies, and the core criteria that need attention in order to open up opportunities for young people outside the coastal fringe of this continent.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2001


  • education and employment environment
  • young people in rural and remote Australia
  • rural economic and education issues
  • government afairs
  • rural towns

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