Coordination of phase-shifting transformers to improve transmission network utilisation

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The location and variability of wind generation along with the difficulty of gaining permits for the construction of new overhead lines are placing increasing pressure on transmission system operators to increase utilisation of existing transmission capacity in as flexible a way as possible. Phase sifting transformers (PSTs) can contribute to this. However, to gain maximum benefit, the settings of a number of PSTs should be coordinated in a `smart' way. This paper presents an overview of PSTs, their technical characteristics and their current use on GB Transmission Network. Issues and challenges for their effective and coordinated operation are raised and discussed with examples from a test network.
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 11 Oct 2010
Event1st IEEE Conference on Smart Grid Technologies Europe - Gothenburg, United Kingdom
Duration: 11 Oct 201013 Oct 2010


Conference1st IEEE Conference on Smart Grid Technologies Europe
CountryUnited Kingdom


  • phase-shifting transformers
  • transmission network utilisation

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