Consumer culture poetry: insightful data and methodological approaches

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This article makes a case for greater inclusion of poetry as distinctive data within interpretive consumer research. It considers that alternative means of representation provide insight into difficult to access consumption fields. The poetic voice allows the emergence of an emic language of experience as the subject engages in self-reflexivity expressed in ways unconstrained by typical research norms. The article also considers some of the methodological choices inherent in engaging with poetic data and illustrates the research value by considering poems that unpack hidden and mundane consumption and consumer resistance. It shows how intimate experiences can be accessed and interrogated using poetic analysis, how poetry can capture the minutia of mundane consumption while laying bare the poet’s reflexivity about its meaning, and how the reclamation of a dead art-form can become an active form of rejection and consumer resistance.
Original languageEnglish
JournalConsumption, Markets and Culture
Publication statusPublished - 30 May 2018


  • poetry
  • textual analysis
  • literary criticism
  • consumer resistance
  • mundane consumption
  • hidden consumption
  • Sherry and Schouten


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