Constructing teacher research identity: insights from Argentina

Dario Luis Banegas, Ana Cecilia Cad

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The aim of this conceptual article is to discuss and illustrate the relationship between teacher research and teacher identity in language education. The main assumption is that teacher research, characterised by systematic reflections and agency, can contribute to cementing teacher identity. To this effect, in this article, we discuss teacher research preparation, engagement and promotion, drawing on examples from higher education in Argentina. The examples outline how teacher research is (1) approached and included in initial English language teacher education programmes, (2) promoted among in-service teachers through short courses or postgraduate programmes, and (3) implemented with teacher educators in order to increase agency and engagement in research-based curriculum transformations. It is argued that through the various initiatives described, educational associations, institutions and organisations around the world can help teachers to develop their teacher research identity. Through a teacher research identity, teachers may become stronger reflective practitioners, curriculum designers, researchers, authors, and above all, generators of situated knowledge and context-responsive pedagogies.
Original languageEnglish
Article number2
Pages (from-to)23-38
JournalThe European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 8 Nov 2019


  • teacher identity
  • language teachers
  • teacher research

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