Comparing the effectiveness of infographics and Microsoft Sway as lecture summary tools

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Purpose: Evaluating students’ lecture summary preferences: static infographics compared to dynamic Microsoft Sway.
Background: Infographics and Microsoft Sway are two visual tools used to present information in engaging ways. Recent studies have demonstrated the potential of infographics as an effective tool for supporting the teaching of complex subjects, enhancing information retention, and improving educational delivery in both traditional and online learning environments. However, infographics are static, meaning that they offer a visual snapshot of information, while Microsoft Sway presentations are dynamic, allowing for multimedia elements and interactive features. This study compared undergraduate and postgraduate psychology students' preferences for static infographic or dynamic Microsoft Sway lecture summaries in an online learning environment.
Methods: undergraduate and postgraduate psychology conversion students at the University of Strathclyde received two versions of lecture summaries for each of a series of lectures delivered online by one lecturer. One lecture summary was in the form of an infographic and the other in Microsoft Sway format. Each summary contained the same information. After reviewing the summaries, students were invited to indicate their lecture summary preference by completing a short online form. The percentage of students who preferred each format was calculated and free text feedback was analysed using thematic analysis.
Conclusions: There was a clear preference for infographic summaries because they were clearer, easier to view and not subject to the same technical issues as the Microsoft Sway summaries.


ConferenceBPS Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology Annual Conference 2023
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  • infographics
  • Microsoft Sway
  • visual tools
  • teaching
  • information retention


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