Co-opetition in supply chain management and manufacturing: a conceptual literature review

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In this study, it is aimed to conduct a conceptual literature review for co-opetition strategy in manufacturing and supply chain area. Furthermore, these reviewed studies will be quantitatively and qualitatively categorized under different groups. This study will be enlightening the gaps about co-opetition strategy which is mainly applied in manufacturing and supply chain management fields by a conceptual literature review since co-opetition concept gains importance. Even though co-opetition concept is rooted at the end of 90s, the details in co-opetition strategy are still uncertain to manage. Furthermore, the complexity of co-opetition strategy creates many gaps in the literature since the tensions in strategic, operational and management levels may pave the way to a dilemma that co-opetition may make a firm vulnerable. Thus, it is very crucial to comprehend the balance between making profits and not damaging to any company included in this strategy. In that sense, the originality of the paper lies in the fact that the study encompasses mainly the studies published between the years 2004 and 2023, which are the latest studies about co-opetition in manufacturing and supply chain management and investigates the tensions and value creation types by using the latest studies. Furthermore, there is not any study in the literature covering the co-opetition strategy not only in manufacturing but also supply chain management by the latest studies. The current studies in the literature only investigate co-opetition strategy in supply chain management or in manufacturing ecosystem frame separately. Hence, the integration of these fields given that they have both common and different points to be taken into consideration of co-opetition strategy frame, is still missing in the literature. Our findings show that game theory is widely used in the co-opetition literature as a modelling approach. Furthermore, for the latest 3 years, co-opetition field has gained attention from the scholars in terms of manufacturing and supply chain management. Another important finding is that tensions and value creation in terms of social, economic and environmental aspects are mainly involved in the studies to explain coopetition broadly.
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Publication statusPublished - 15 Jun 2023
Event23rd European Academy of Management Conference - Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Duration: 14 Jun 202316 Jun 2023


Conference23rd European Academy of Management Conference
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  • co-opetition
  • supply chain management
  • manufacturing
  • tensions


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