Childhood Hodgkin disease: 25 years experience

Vasiliki Fragandrea-Sidi, Nikolaos Gompakis, Ioanna Fragandrea, Eegenia Papakonstantinou, Emmanouhl Hatzipantelis, Anna Arakoli, Kyriaki Pistevou, Dimitrios Koliouskas

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Hodgkin disease (HD) is a common malignancy present in children and in adolescents. The aim of the study is the survival evaluation for children with HD. Method. The study was carried out in single Institute during 1980–2005 on74 children aged between 4–15 (median age 10,8) years at diagnosis (50 boys and24 girls, ratio was 2:1). After histopathological exam 49 (66%) of children were grouped in mixed cellularity subtype, 23 (31,5%) in nodular sclerosis subtype and2(2,5%) in lymphocytic depletion subtype. Ann Arbor staging classification was:8 (10,8%) of patients in stage I, 35 (47,3%) in stage II, 28 (37,8%) in stage III 3(4%) in stage IV. All patients have been treated with chemotherapy (MOOP received 14,MOOP—ABVD 8, ChliVIPP 27 and ABVD 25 children) and 14/47 with the combination of cytostatic therapy and radiotherapy (involved field radiation).Results. The remission has been achieved in all patients. In 14 (19%) relapse appeared due to which considerably more aggressive cytostatic therapy as well as radiotherapy were applied. 6 patients underwent autologous stem cell transplantation. 4 (%)patients died. 70/74 are still alive in the fist or the second remission. The follow uptime was 25 years. The overall survival rate (OS) is 94,5% and event free survival(EES) 89%. Our results seem consistent with those published. Conclusion. Combined modality therapy using chemotherapy alone or complication of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is optimal treatment for the majority of children with HD.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)454
Number of pages1
JournalPediatric Blood and Cancer
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2007
Event39th Annual Congress of International Society of Paediatric Oncology - Mumbai, India
Duration: 31 Oct 20073 Nov 2007


  • Hodgkin disease
  • cancer
  • treatment


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