Capitalizing on the super-recognition advantage: a powerful, but underutilized, tool for policing and national security agencies

Josh P. Davis, David J. Robertson

Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticle

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Accurate identity judgements are critical in ensuring that suspects can be apprehended by law enforcement and national security agencies, and that identity fraud attacks do not go undetected at border control points. Research has shown that typical human observers are poor at facial recognition in these contexts. However, there is now a decade’s worth of psychological science which shows that some individuals - known as super-recognizers - excel at such tasks. This article reviews the latest super-recognition science for agencies to consider implementing to enable a powerful and cost effective identity verification advantage.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
Specialist publicationThe Journal of The United States Homeland Defence and Security Information Analysis Center (HDIAC)
Publication statusPublished - 19 Jun 2020


  • face recognition
  • super-recogniser
  • identity recognition
  • defence industry

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