Bullismo Omofobico: Conoscerlo per Combatterlo

Translated title of the contribution: Homophobic Bullying: Know It to Fight It

Ian Rivers, Vittorio Lingiardi

Research output: Book/ReportBook


Bullying is a form of dehumanization that serves to give importance to the expense of others, to secure and perpetuate the power of a group, the domain of those who believe and have believed "strong" on those who have believed, and too often they believe, "weak." Compared to other forms of bullying, homophobic what has particular characteristics. Not only it affects deeper dimensions of identity, such as sexual and gender, but also puts the victim in a position to be afraid to ask for help: do it inevitably would draw attention to their sexuality, thus renewing the anxiety and feelings of shame, and the fear of disappointing social expectations. And then, you know, many do not feel they are defending gays: "And if you think I'm gay as well?". Today, after twenty years of study and research, we know that homophobic bullying is a very high risk for school continuity, causing anxiety, depression and, as unfortunately testifies the record, suicidal behaviors. A pain that in many cases promotes strength, pride and resilience, but also plagues, with post-traumatic repercussions into adulthood, many young people struggling with the recognition, understanding, or "merely" the expression of their identity. Girls and boys who certainly would prefer to engage in this vital task without being subjected to humiliating or violent interference.
Translated title of the contributionHomophobic Bullying: Know It to Fight It
Original languageItalian
Place of PublicationMilan
Number of pages300
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • bullying
  • homophobia
  • humiliation
  • violence


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