Bibliometric analysis of specific energy consumption (SEC) in machining operations: a sustainable response

Raman Kumar, Sehijpal Singh, Ardamanbir Singh Sidhu, Catalin I. Pruncu

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This paper’s persistence is to make an inclusive analysis of 268 documents about specific energy consumption (SEC) in machining operations from 2001 to 2020 in the Scopus database. A systematic approach collects information on SEC documents’ primary data; their types, publications, citations, and predictions are presented. The VOSviewer 1.1.16 and Biblioshiny 2.0 software are used for visualization analysis to show the progress standing of SEC publications. The selection criteria of documents are set for citation analysis. The ranks are assigned to the most prolific and dominant authors, sources, articles, countries, and organizations based on the total citations, number of documents, average total citation, and total link strength. The author-keywords, index-keywords, and text data content analysis has been conducted to find the hotspots and progress trend in SEC in machining operations. The most prolific and dominant article, source, author, organization, and country are Anderson et al. “Laser-assisted machining of Inconel 718 with an economic analysis”, the Int J Mach Tools Manuf, Shin Y.C., form Purdue University Singapore, and United States, respectively, based on total citations as per defined criteria. The author keywords “specific cutting energy” and “surface roughness” dominate the machining operations SEC. SEC’s implication in machining operations review and bibliometric analysis is to deliver an inclusive perception for the scholars working in this field. It is the primary paper that utilizes bibliometric research to analyze the SEC in machining operations publications expansively. It is valuable for scholars to grasp the hotspots in this field in time and help the researchers in the SEC exploration arena rapidly comprehend the expansion status and trend.
Original languageEnglish
Article number5617
Number of pages30
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 18 May 2021


  • specific energy consumption
  • machining
  • bibliometric analysis
  • sustainable machining
  • VOSviewer
  • Biblioshiny


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