A composition for treating waters, e.g. ballast water or injection water for oil recovery, to kill in-situ aquatic invasive species comprises at least one biocide capable of killing both animal and plant micro-organisms. The at least one biocide preferably comprises Brilliant Green, Gentian Violet, and/or erythrosine, and a wetting agent or detergent-like compound such as CTAB or CTAC. The invention also relates to a system for treating ballast water in situ comprising means for injecting a composition for treating ballast water; means for measuring the flow rate or amount of ballast water to be treated; means for controlling the dosing of the composition; and means for storing or receiving the composition. The invention also relates to a method of detecting viable aquatic organisms in ballast water in situ comprising detecting metabolism in viable micro-organisms in ballast water and, therefore, measuring the efficacy of any treatment.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS2012115723
Priority date29/01/09
Publication statusPublished - 10 May 2012


  • water treatment
  • ballast water
  • biocides
  • micro-organisms
  • aquatic organisms
  • marine environment


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