Autonomous shipping — an analysis of the maritime stakeholder perspectives

Gerasimos Theotokatos, Joao Lucas Dozzi Dantas, Georgia Polychronidi, Georgia Rentifi, Marco Molica Colella

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Several major initiatives have been undertaken worldwide towards the development and commercialisation of maritime autonomous surface ships (MASSs). This study aims at capturing the current understanding and perspectives of the maritime industry stakeholders pertinent to the challenges and requirements for the design and operation of MASSs. A methodological approach consisting of five steps is followed. A questionnaire is developed and employed to conduct two surveys among the identified maritime industry stakeholders. Subsequently, the acquired response results are analysed, whereas statistical metrics are calculated and comparatively assessed using the box plot method, to provide evidence for identifying the perspectives and gaps from the considered stakeholders’ groups. Recommendations are provided for addressing these gaps, whereas further initiatives required in the maritime industry are also highlighted. This study contributes to the better understanding on the perspectives of the maritime industry stakeholders, whereas the results can support the prioritisation of future initiatives towards addressing existing barriers and overcome misconceptions for the next-generation autonomous shipping.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages31
JournalWMU Journal of Maritime Affairs
Early online date6 Oct 2022
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 6 Oct 2022


  • autonomous shipping
  • maritime industry stakeholders
  • perpective analysis
  • survey


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