Assessing environmental performance of extended supply chains: from a literature review to an innovative model

Andrea Tuni, Athanasios Rentizelas

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Companies are facing increasing pressures from various stakeholders to improve their environmental performance, including stricter regulations and an increased green awareness of customers. However, more than 80% of the environmental impacts in a typical supply chain can arise beyond the focal firm boundaries. Thus, metrics and performance measurement systems addressing a single tier of the network are inadequate to provide an accurate understanding of the supply chain environmental performance and a holistic approach is needed. Even more, a large variety of green supply chain performance assessment methods can be found in the relevant literature, being applicable to various supply chain depths.
This work’s aim is to evaluate current developments in the field by initially presenting results of a systematic literature review on environmental performance measurement for green supply chain management (GSCM). Additionally, it provides insights on features of a new proposed method to assess environmental performance at the supply chain level, focusing on the extended supply chain and offering benchmarking capabilities.
The first part consists of a systematic review that covers publications in peer-reviewed academic journals over the last twenty years. The literature is critically reviewed according to several dimensions including environmental impacts considered, the main purpose of measurement, type of models and the extent of supply chain covered by performance measurement systems. Moreover, the benchmarking potential of various methods is assessed.
The emerging gaps in the literature highlighted in the review support the need for an innovative method to assess environmental performance of an extended supply chain, which is proposed in the second part of this work. The method focuses on a number of key characteristics, including the easiness of applicability for SMEs and an enhanced benchmarking potential.
This work therefore provides a state-of-the art academic landscape at the intersection of performance measurement and GSCM, which can be used as a guide to understand current developments in the field and opportunities for future research directions. Moreover, it proposes a novel method that will contribute to enhanced applicability of methods to assess the environmental performance of extended supply chains
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2016
Event1st Conference on Sustainable Supply Chains: EURO Working group on Sustainable Supply Chains - Aacher, Germany
Duration: 1 Jul 2016 → …


Conference1st Conference on Sustainable Supply Chains
Period1/07/16 → …


  • environmental performance
  • extended supply chains
  • performance measurement


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