An architecture for organisational decision support

R.I. Whitfield, A.H.B. Duffy, A. Thomson, Z. Wu, S. Liu

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The Decision Support (DS) topic of the Network Enabled Capability for Through Life Systems Engineering (NECTISE) project aims to provide organisational through-life decision support for the products and services that BAE Systems deliver. The topic consists of five streams that cover resource capability management, decision management, collaboration, change prediction and integration. A proposed architecture is presented for an Integrated Decision Support Environment (IDSE) that combines the streams to provide a structured approach to addressing a number of issues that have been identified by BAE Systems business units as being relevant to DS: uncertainty and risk, shared situational awareness, types of decision making, decision tempo, triggering of decisions, and support for autonomous decision making. The proposed architecture will identify how either individuals or groups of decision makers (including autonomous agents) would be utilised on the basis of their capability within the requirements of the scenario to collaboratively solve the decision problem. Features of the scenario such as time criticality, required experience level, the need for justification, and conflict management, will be addressed within the architecture to ensure that the most appropriate decision management support (system/naturalistic/hybrid) is provided. In addition to being reliant on a number of human factors issues, the decision making process is also reliant on a number of information issues: overload, consistency, completeness, uncertainty and evolution, which will be discussed within the context of the architecture.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages17
Publication statusUnpublished - 2007
EventSystem Engineering for Future Capability, SYEC'07 - Loughborough, UK
Duration: 12 Feb 200713 Feb 2007


ConferenceSystem Engineering for Future Capability, SYEC'07
CityLoughborough, UK


  • decision management
  • resource management
  • collaboration
  • change prediction
  • design engineering
  • decision support systems


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