A map and a pipe: a new approach to characterizing erosion-corrosion regimes of Fe in three dimensions using CFD modelling

M.M. Stack, S. M. Abdulrahman, B. D. Jana

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In studies of erosion-corrosion, much work has been carried out in recent years to identify regimes of behaviour. Such regimes describe the transition between the erosion and corrosion dominated mechanisms. They can also be used, by assigning various criteria, to identify other regimes of behaviour such as extent of "synergy/antagonism" in the process, so-called "additive" behaviour and the extent of wastage. Despite this work, there has been very little effort to combine the two dimensional erosion-corrosion map with CFD modelling approaches, in which the characteristics of the fluid are accounted for in the regime description. This means that extrapolation of such maps in two dimensions to a three dimensional real surface presents some difficulties. However, it is these surfaces that corrosion engineers are required to tailor, either through modification of the material composition, the surface or the process parameters, for optimum erosion-corrosion resistance. In this paper, a methodology is generated to combine the concepts of CFD modelling, and the erosion-corrosion regime map for a specific geometry and for a range of pure metals in descending order in the Galvanic series. The changes in regimes are presented as a function of variation in the erosion and corrosion variables i.e. particle size, hardness and solution pH. Erosion-corrosion regimes are presented, based on the model results, showing the wide range of mechanistic and wastage mechanisms possible over the component surface.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages17
Publication statusPublished - 6 Sept 2009
EventEuroCorr 2009 - Nice, France
Duration: 6 Sept 200910 Sept 2009


ConferenceEuroCorr 2009
CityNice, France


  • erosion
  • corrosion
  • CFD modelling
  • regimes
  • maps
  • mechanical engineering


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