A jointly optimal precoder and block decision feedback equaliser design with low redundancy

C.H. Ta, S. Weiss

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In this paper we propose a filter bank based design for jointly optimum precoding and block decision feedback equalisation. Precoding and equalisation using filter banks typically is block based, and redundancy needs to be injected into the transmission in order to avoid inter-block interference (IBI). We target the case where spectral efficiency demands low levels of redundancy such that IBI remains. For our proposed system, we combine two recently reported idea — one on equalisation in the presence of IBI, and one on jointly optimal design of the overall system in the absence of IBI. The result is a jointly optimal design in terms of both zeroforcing and minimum mean square error that can operate in the presence of IBI, i.e. at low levels of redundancy and high spectral efficiency. We show by means of simulation results, that the proposed system can provide significantly better performance than a benchmark design.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 2007
Event15th European Signal Processing Conference - Poznan , Poland
Duration: 3 Sep 20077 Sep 2007


Conference15th European Signal Processing Conference
Abbreviated titleEUSIPCO 2007


  • block decision feedback equalisation
  • filter bank based design
  • inter-block interference
  • IBI

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