A data driven approach to servicing and maintaining EV charge points

Ryan Sims, Calum Edmunds

Research output: Contribution to conferencePoster


The Assure Charge project, funded by the Innovate UK fund ‘Infrastructure Solutions for Zero Emissions Vehicles’, is led by the charge point provider Connected Kerb Ltd. and the PNDC, University of Strathclyde. The project aims to improve the reliability of public electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by leveraging the large volumes of connected data available from EV charging infrastructure to operate and maintain it more reliably. An EV driver and industry survey completed at the outset of the project highlighted significant levels of dissatisfaction relating to charge point reliability: e.g. 90% of EV drivers surveyed have attempted to charge at a broken public charge point ‘once’ or ‘more than once’, with up to 35% of faulty charge points are reported to take over 1month to resolve.
This project investigates and demonstrates:
1. How connected data from EV charge points can be used for fault prediction, identification and classification, reapplying know asset management strategies from other industries.
2. Where the installation of additional environmental sensors can be added to EV charge points, allowing new data sources to be gathered and correlated with existing data sets for maintenance use cases.
3. The relevance of EV charge point data standards, including OCPP and OCPI, in gathering and sharing O&M relevant data across different organizations and systems.
4. The pros and cons of a number of EV charge point owner/operator/maintainer structures relating to servicing and maintenance, including how each facilitates or prevents ease of data sharing.
5. How third-party local operation and maintenance (O&M) service providers providing first and second line fault response can be a more efficient than centralized support teams tied to a single charge point manufacturer or operator.
6. Future procurement and maintenance contract structures that incentivize EV charge point industry stakeholders to provide high-levels of device reliability and user satisfaction at least cost.
The project team will deploy up to 16 public on-street charge points with three hosts to demonstrate the O&M data analysis techniques developed and to evaluate their value to charge point owners. This field pilot will enable the team to assess the performance of the developed system. The Assure Charge project will run until March 31st and this paper will outline the findings related to the above research areas and present recommendations to a number of different stakeholder types. This includes lessons for charge point hosts, like local authorities, who are currently deciding their role and the best approaches for meeting the growing need of public charging requirements. Our project has already uncovered inadequacies in current local authority procurement and SLA contracts, something that needs to improve as EV adoption and charging infrastructure scales.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 3 Jun 2022
EventCIRED workshop on E-mobility and power distribution systems - Porto, Porto, Portugal
Duration: 2 Jun 20223 Jun 2022


ConferenceCIRED workshop on E-mobility and power distribution systems


  • electric vehicles
  • charge points
  • service and maintenance


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