6th International Workshop on Middleware for Pervasive and Ad-Hoc Computing (MPAC 2008)

S. Terzis (Editor)

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For more than a decade pervasive and ad-hoc computing have captured the imagination of the research community. The systems challenges they pose have been the focus of much research in the area. In recent years, a variety of middleware platforms and abstractions for pervasive and ad-hoc computing have been proposed to address the identified challenges. However, despite significant progress in this area, a number of challenges remain. Developing middleware platforms cutting across a diverse set of devices still presents serious challenges. How to deal with the security and privacy issues arising, and how to support autonomic operation remains unclear. To complicate matters further new wireless technologies and platforms are emerging, while the mobile web is gaining in popularity as an integral part of ubiquitous applications. How to integrate these technologies and platforms to support novel applications within specific application domains also remains unclear. Even context-awareness, a topic widely studied, still raises new challenges, particularly in integrating existing platforms. Within this context the MPAC 2008 workshop, building on the success of the earlier workshops, sought to further develop a roadmap for research on the essential middleware abstractions and infrastructures for ad-hoc and pervasive computing. In addition to this, the workshop continues to play an important role as a venue for discussing novel middleware abstractions and infrastructures. This year the workshop received a high number of quality submissions. Eight long and four short papers out of the twenty five originally submitted were chosen for these proceedings. These papers cover a broad range of issues including autonomic management, support for ubiquitous context-awareness and context reasoning, data access control in ubiquitous computing systems, service discovery and provisioning in mobile ad-hoc networks, programming abstractions for context-aware systems and mobile ad-hoc networks, algorithms for context-aware spatial routing, support for remote parallel execution of applications, and publish/subscribe systems for wireless sensor actuator networks. More specifically, Asmare et al. present middleware supporting autonomic failure management in unmanned autonomous vehicles. Le Sommer et al. have developed a proxy-based model for enhanced provisioning of application services in opportunistic networks. Lombide Carreton et al. provide middleware support for context-aware event driven architectures over mobile ad-hoc networks based on ambient references and reactive programming. Evans and Eyers present a deontic logic based approach to data access control and data use compliance in ubiquitous computing systems, while Silva et al. present a middleware platform for remote execution of commodity application from mobile environments. Lopes et al. present a middleware for integrating context management platforms that includes services for composition of context events. Juszczyk and Dustdar present an open-source middleware for service-oriented communication in mobile disaster response scenarios that supports service discovery and invocation. Da Rocha et al. identify a series of requirements for ubiquitous context-awareness and present middleware based on the notion of context domains to address a number of them. The short paper by Scholliers et al. presents a language abstraction for transactional support in mobile ad-hoc networks that integrates software based transactional memory and the actor model, the one by Meng and Poslad presents a reflective algorithm for context-aware spatial routing, while the one by Schonherr et al. proposes a self-organizing and self-stabilizing publish/subscribe middleware for wireless sensor actuator networks. Finally, the short paper by Viterbo and Endler presents a strategy for cooperative context reasoning in ubiquitous computing systems.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationNew York, NY, USA
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2008

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NameACM Proceedings Series


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  • pervasive computing


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