400M through street network

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The 1977 book A Pattern Language was a landmark in the design world, introducing a methodology that has since become remarkably widespread and effective across many fields. Among them is software, where “design patterns” have since become an industry standard. Important spinoffs include peer-to-peer collaboration technologies like wiki — the basis of Wikipedia and related innovations — as well as Agile Methodology.
Yet curiously, the one field where pattern methodology has lagged most conspicuously is the one where it began, the built environment. In part, the very success of the 1977 book served to "freeze" the initial set of patterns, greatly slowing further development. As one remedy, we present here — in the first of many more hoped-for future companion volumes to the original classic book — a new collection of 80 patterns for a new era of urban challenges, including rapid urbanization, slum upgrading, sustainable urbanism, new urban technologies, and new tools and strategies to meet these and other challenges.
This new collection comes as a contribution to a five-year collaboration with UN-Habitat on implementation of the "New Urban Agenda," a framework document adopted by consensus by all 193 countries of the United Nations. However, there remains an urgent need to implement its humane aspirations, using tools and strategies grounded in research evidence, but also subject to revision, addition and refinement with new findings from new collaborators.
This volume aims to meet that need — together with the launch of an online companion pattern "repository", available at npl.wiki. Both initiatives were developed in collaboration with Ward Cunningham, wiki inventor, and pioneer of pattern languages of programming as well as Agile Methodology. Both are meant to expand the capacity of pattern languages in support of a hopeful new era of open-source, human-centered, life-enriching technology.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationA New Pattern Language For Growing Regions
Subtitle of host publicationPlaces, Networks, Processes
EditorsMehaffy Michael, Kryazheva Yulia, Rudd Andrew, Salingaros Nikos
Place of PublicationPortland, OR
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 23 Oct 2019


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