'Young Life Scientists' Symposium - Molecular Neuropharmacology in Health and Wellbeing’

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Conference / Seminar Hosting)

Project Details


YLS Symposia organization ‘Molecular Neuropharmacology in Health and Wellbeing’ in collaboration with University of Glasgow, Biochemical Society, The Physiological Society, British Pharmacological Society hosted at the Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre on Thursday 19th November (£3000, 2018).

Organisation Committee:
Dr Margaret Rose Cunningham (UoS)
Dr Mark Barbour (UoS)
Dr Rachel Wood (UoS)
Mr Moa Safar (UoS, PhD candidate)

Dr Sophie Bradley (UoG)
Dr Mario Rossi (UoG)
Ms Sarah Hesse (UoG, PhD candidate)
Ms Miriam Scarpa (UoG, PhD candidate)
Effective start/end date1/06/1815/11/18


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