X-Rotor Offshore Wind Turbine - Feasibility Studies in Energy Research 2017

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"The following paragraphs will outline the research and the motivation for the research that will be carried out to complete the feasibility study.
The cost of generating energy from offshore wind farms in the UK is currently too high to make it truly cost competitive with traditional fossil fuel energy generation techniques. The aim of the research outlined in this proposal is to determine if a novel offshore wind energy concept can reduce the cost of generating offshore wind energy by up to 30%, making offshore wind energy in the UK truly cost competitive with traditional fossil fuel generation.

This novel wind turbine, known as the X-Rotor, is a multi-megawatt wind turbine concept aimed at large-scale offshore commercial deployment. Early analyses have suggested that the X-Rotor has the potential to reduce offshore wind turbine capital costs by up to 20%, OM costs by up to 40% and also offer savings in wind farm balance of plant costs. The novel X-Rotor concept was an awardee of the Royal Academy of Engineering ERA Award in 2016. Further analysis must be completed on aerodynamic, structural and control aspects of the X-Rotor design to determine if it is feasible for adoption and full development by an existing or new offshore wind turbine manufacturer. OM cost modelling must also be completed to confirm the significant offshore OM savings.

The team completing the feasibility study have existing relationships with key executives in all of the major wind turbine manufacturers who will be consulted throughout this feasibility study. In particular, interaction is expected with Vestas (one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world) who's "Innovation and Concept" department has already been consulted on the development of the X-Rotor and who are eager to hear more about the concept upon completion of the feasibility study.

If the proposed feasibility study for X-Rotor concept proves it to be a feasible technology the potential for significant impact exists due to the applicants close relationship with all of the major wind turbine manufacturers and those manufacturers desire for a step change in the cost of generating electricity from offshore wind."
Effective start/end date1/05/1731/10/18


  • EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council): £117,992.00


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