VisNET Collaboration Fellowship: Smartening and greening pharmaceutical manufacturing: Integrated modelling tools for efficient active pharmaceutical ingredient unit operations.

  • Ottoboni, Sara (Principal Investigator)
  • Mitchell, Niall (Principal Investigator)
  • Brown, Cameron (Principal Investigator)

Project: Research

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As an expert in isolation and purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and an established experimentalist, during the COVID lockdown I took the opportunity to extend my research skill set to include process modelling. In-silico research is becoming an essential tool for designing manufacturing process operations with the objective of reducing R&D time and minimizing waste production. In order to advance my research and academic career I plan to expand my expertise in process modelling to become a future leader in isolation and purification combining modelling with experimentation.
PSE is the supplier of the world leading Advanced Process Modelling Platform, gPROMS, they are leading innovators in digital design services for the process industries, in particular for the pharmaceutical sector. Their existing isolation model address filtration in a relatively simplistic way compared to some of their other tools and does not currently predict washing, deliquoring, and drying outcomes.
The VisNet Fellowship will allow me to collaborate with PSE helping me to become an expert gPROMS user, able to build new isolation prediction tools and be a platform for translation to industry, to advance my research and academic career.
Effective start/end date1/02/2130/04/21


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