Urban Atmospheric Microplastic Pollution – from creation to inhalation of MP in our living spaces

  • Allen, Deonie (Principal Investigator)
  • MacDonald, Anna (Principal Investigator)

Project: Research - Studentship

Project Details


Working with PhD candidate Anna MacDonald, this project is focused on unravelling the atmospheric microplastic pollution in our urban environment and understanding what this pollution means to environment and human health. Microplastics pollution is one of the most pressing environmental challenges that we are currently facing. Despite an increasing awareness that microplastics are likely pervasive in many environments, we still have limited understanding of their sources, transport behaviour and impact. This provides many questions that desperately need answering. This project aims to identify the sources, transport and potential human inhalation of microplastic pollution in our urban environment.
Effective start/end date30/11/2030/06/24


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