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Project: Research Studentship - Internally Allocated

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50% co-funding for PhD studentship bursary and stipend award (£37.6K) matching £37.6K from CERESiS H2020 project.

Layman's description

Linking phytoremediation to energy crops for sustainable bioenergy and land restoration.
This PhD project will investigate the potential of using energy crop species grown on contaminated land to combine sustainable bioenergy production with land restoration and pollution mitigation. It is part of the H2020 CERESiS project (, which will provide access to field trials and an opportunity to travel to project meetings and engage in an exciting international project which is helping to deliver sustainable aviation fuels towards meeting Net Zero targets. The student will also work closely with a local social enterprise, Eadha Enterprises ( who specialize in using native aspen for woodland creation and land restoration. Thus the research will also have direct environmental, social and economic impacts in Scottish communities affected by the legacy of mining and industrial dereliction. The project is part of a cohort of PhD students starting their trans- and multi-disciplinary studies in the recently established Centre for Sustainable Development (
Effective start/end date1/09/2228/02/26


  • European Commission - Horizon 2020: £410,283.00


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