Towards visually-driven speech enhancement for cognitively-inspired multi-modal hearing-aid devices (AV-COGHEAR)

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This ambitious project aimed to develop a new generation of hearing aid technology that extracts speech from noise by using a camera to see what the talker is saying. The wearer of the device will be able to focus their hearing on a target talker and the device will filter out competing sound. This ability, which is beyond that of current technology, has the potential to improve the quality of life of the millions suffering from hearing loss (over 10m in the UK alone). Our approach was consistent with normal hearing. Listeners naturally combine information from both their ears and eyes: we use our eyes to help us hear. When listening to speech, eyes follow the movements of the face and mouth and a sophisticated, multi-stage process uses this information to separate speech from the noise and fill in any gaps. Our proposed approach was much the same. We exploit visual information from a camera, and novel algorithms for intelligently combining audio and visual information, in order to improve speech quality and intelligibility in real-world noisy environments.
Short titleAV-COGHEAR
Effective start/end date1/10/1631/03/19


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